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My name is Shelly and I was born on an avocado ranch in Southern California.

I am presently living in New South Wales, Australia although home is California. Travel has always been a part of my landscape- the husband's as well. As a result, it is a part of our 3 children's lives.

There is Pixel aged 9, Robert age 5 and Beckett who is 2.

Although we are happily living on the beach, in a small town and surrounded by nature I do miss many a people, my garden, burritos (like only S Calif can offer) and craft beer.

No matter where we are on the planet- In our home, we employ the open door policy. Meaning, the door is always open to friends and family and there is plenty of food and beverages to go around.

Please come in.

Kitchen Ranch is documentation as I celebrate the things and people I love. Thanks for having a look.

Feel free to email me, I love mail....